Novogen has a goal of developing a suite of drugs that will destroy cancer cells before they have a chance to acquire the characteristics that make them almost impossible to eradicate.

We are basing this objective on a combination of two different drug technology platforms – super-benzopyrans and anti-tropomyosins.

The super-benzopyrans technology has delivered the first drug singly capable of killing both the dominant somatic cancer cells in a tumor as well as the cancer stem cells at a therapeutic dose. Novogen believes that this is a game-changing development that offers the first realistic prospect of eradicating the full hierarchy of cells within a tumor, thereby delivering the prospect of long-term remission. The Company’s inaugural drug candidate Trilexium belongs to a new class of drug candidates known as Selective Mitochondrial Electron Transfer Inhibitors (SMETIs) that work by depriving the cancer cell of its main energy source.

Anti-tropomyosins are a novel class of drug targeting the actin filament component of the cytoskeleton, preventing cancer cells from undergoing mitosis.

The Novogen concept is to bring both drug technologies to bear to maximise the prospects of eradicating 100% of all cells within a tumor, across a wide range of tumor types.

The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with an office in New Haven, Connecticut in the US. Its shares trade on both the Australian Securities Exchange (NRT) and NASDAQ (NVGN).